▷ 5 Best Beddings For Ferrets (Must Read Reviews) For March 2023 (2023)

Top Rated Bedding for Ferrets List in 2023 + Buying Guide

If you want the best bedding for ferrets money can buy, we suggest giving our guide a chance. It was created after we’ve read dozens of reviews of bedding for ferrets, all so we can select those products that are bound to please even the most demanding customer. One that seemed to be universally loved is the Marshall Ferret Litter. Past customers seemed to enjoy its biodegradable nature and the fact that it removes odor on contact. Moreover, the product is also highly absorbent, which ensures long-lasting results. If it is not available in your area, the So Phresh Paper can offer similar results.

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5 Best Beddings for Ferrets (Reviews) in 2023

If you think your ferret deserves the best, here you have some products for sale that might fit your criteria. The selection contains only top-notch alternatives made from paper and that are dust-free because your pet’s health is not negotiable. The products were also picked because they deal with odor efficiently.

  • 1. Marshall Ferret Litter
  • 2. So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter
  • 3. Breeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat Litter
  • 4. Vitakraft Fresh World Multi Pet Strength Crumble Bedding
  • 5. Small Animal Paper Litter 008126
  • Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

1. Marshall Ferret Litter


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The Marshall product is a type of bedding that ferrets find very comfortable. It is a dust-free option, so the ferret’s sensitive respiratory system will be protected at all times. Moreover, it comes in a ten-pound bag that is extra easy to store, and it is made entirely of environmentally safe and biodegradable paper.

This is a healthy alternative which offers enhanced absorbency and long-lasting odor control. It removes all strong odors on contact, without relying on any chemicals or nauseating perfumes. Because ferrets are sensitive creatures, paper pellets are a better choice than clay and wood-based bedding products.

Another nice bonus is the fact that you don’t have to clean the ferret’s cage as often since the paper absorbs three times its weight. And you don’t have to add a thick layer of product for it to work because a few scoops are enough. To get rid of it, just flush it away as it is quickly biodegradable, or alternatively, you can compost it.

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2. So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter


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Another universal bedding ideal for fussy ferrets is this one from So Phresh. It might be an excellent choice for you if you own more than one type of pet so that you can use it for all of their bedding needs. The 20-pound bag holds small natural paper pellets, which can lock in moisture and odor almost instantly.

This way, the pet’s environment will stay fresh and clean, a thing that will make him or her much more comfortable. The product also contains baking soda to take odor control to a whole new level. This is also an environmentally friendly ingredient and it is safe even for highly sensitive furry companions.

The paper product doesn’t break apart when it gets wet, so you can clean the cage without working too hard. It is a non-allergenic alternative that functions as a guarantee that the pet won’t get sick. And the large bag is appealing for working pet parents who don’t have time to wait for delivery.

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3. Breeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat Litter


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You can’t go wrong with this alternative, especially since it comes from a famous brand known for releasing only high-quality beddings. It is created from the same popular post-consumer recycled paper all premium products use, and it is hugely effective in controlling ammonia and feces odors.

Another secret weapon, which makes sure this product will be worth its price, is baking soda. It’s something that works fast without harming the pet in any way and without damaging the cage litter tray, as some chemicals do. And it won’t release any perfume that you might find off-putting, which is something sensitive buyers and ferrets appreciate.

Keep in mind that the product comes in 25 lbs bags, which is more than enough for weeks of use. And as expected from a paper product, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Moreover, you won’t need to throw it in the trash when it’s time to get rid of it since it is entirely compostable.

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4. Vitakraft Fresh World Multi Pet Strength Crumble Bedding


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Vitakraft created a product that outlasts most competing models in its category. Its patented Odor Blocker Formula is enhanced with new elements so it can control odor for more than two weeks. This will free up your schedule, so you won’t have to clean the ferret’s bedding that often.

The soft crumbles are comfortable enough for your pet to sleep on, and since they are made from recycled paper, they can absorb three times their weight in liquid. The materials the manufacturer used are unbleached and non-toxic, so the product can be used even if you own sensitive pets.

Furthermore, it is 99.5% dust-free so you and your companion can breathe in fresh air, without worrying about respiratory problems. This means cleaning the tray will also be a breeze. And if you need another quality reinsurance, note that this model is manufactured in The USA. It is the only guarantee you need that the brand respects all the highest quality standards.

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5. Small Animal Paper Litter 008126


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As most of you will notice, this is a budget-friendly option that will not break the bank. The even more impressive thing is that it manages to do so without compromising on quality. Buyers praise its effectiveness in eradicating the urine smell in a very short time, which is a sign that the brand invested time and effort in creating a usable product.

The pellets are made from recycled paper, which is no surprise given the current market trends, and are 99% dust-free. Needless to say, the alternative is safe for pet use. The hugely absorbent bedding is also soft to the touch and comfortable for ferrets to sleep on in case you don’t have a pet bet.

You can also use it for your other types of pets if you have any since it is a universal solution for bedding needs. You’ll also appreciate that the pellets don’t adhere to the tray because this small achievement will make cleaning lighting fast.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

This will teach you what to look for in a ferret bedding, so you can keep your furry baby nice and cozy, without smelling like urine all the time. One thing that matters to buyers the most is sustainability and biodegradability. Efficiency is also on top of the list. A dust-free product is to be preferred, especially if you want to prevent respiratory problems. Premium foods for ferrets are not enough to keep the pet happy because if it lives in an uncomfortable environment, the pet will be in distress.


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Odor control

The main purpose of a ferret bedding is to control odor in all situations. This way, your pet will be healthy and active, and it will enjoy spending time in its cage. A high-quality product will also prevent the smell from reaching your living spaces so that you can breathe in fresh air as well.

Experts recommend pet owners to avoid clay and crystal based beddings, just like you would when buying a premium rabbit litter alternative. Those types of product tend to get sticky and to erode the tray, which is not a pleasant situation.

We would also suggest avoiding shavings since they contain some chemicals that may even cause liver problems. You might want to prioritize a product which doesn’t stick, not only because this way you’ll keep the pet’s coat shiny, but because you’ll save a lot of time by not scraping it when it comes to cleaning the many cages for ferrets you might own.

Be nature’s friend

All animal lovers should be looking for renewable alternatives. This is why you should use a good bedding for ferrets that is eco-friendly and biodegradable and made from materials that are not labor-intensive. Look for something made from recycled paper, a material that is both non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Unlike outdated products, a premium paper bedding can hold up to three times its weight in liquid, and it has a super soft texture that won’t irritate your pet. Another advantage is the fact that it will stay fresh for longer and that you won’t have to change it as frequently as a clay based product.

Health should not be neglected

Comfort is directly related to health. If your ferret doesn’t feel at ease in its cage or if the environment smells bad, he or she will be in distress. Double check that it won’t have an allergic reaction to the new bedding, as that might be potentially life-threatening.

If you’re suspicious that something’s wrong, remove the product from the change and replace it with a new one, as people do with an untested rabbit bedding. An even better idea is to observe you furry friend for a couple of minutes after you’ve introduced the new bedding. If he sneezes or if he seems lethargic, call your vet.

To take things even further in the right direction, buy a cheap bedding for ferrets with a low level of dust. It’s not hard to find models which are up to 99.9% dust-free, especially if they’re made from paper. This is something that will make your life so much easier because you won’t sneeze all the time as you’re cleaning the pet’s home.

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